Whoa ... hey stop spraying, enough of the
Aqua Net!
Ugh ... do you really want to drive in this? Hang on let's go
You wanna play doubles? Hold on I got to get some
Let's split! Friday night couldn't come sooner -
Boogie Night!
Can you bring over a 6 pack & we'll hang out & listen to my cassettes I got a new
Lava Lamp!
Oh man, my pants need to be tucked up -
give me a hand.
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The AMC Gremlin, The AMC Pacer, The Ford Pinto ...


Bean bag chairs, Lava lamps, Leather couches ...


Bell Bottoms, Parachute Pants, Roller Skates ...


Mrs. Pac-Man, Rubik's Cube, Space Invaders ...

Remember when something used to be cool and now it’s not?

An afro that spread like a wild forest fire. What about the mullet hairstyle. Cornrows anyone?

You went out, not back to school for the study group, but going to an arcade and playing Pac-Man for 2 hours.

Endless nights turning the sides of the Rubik’s cube, even in bed on a school night. Under the covers you’d be a secret scientist.

Did you wear parachute pants? Were you siked out when you bought a pager and got your first page? You clipped that sucker to your belt, and go for sake that would never come off.

You cruised the neighborhood in your Gremlin?
Ok, let’s take a peek in that closet of yours. Do you still have bell-bottom pants hanging in there? When you go through your t-shirt drawer, do you still own an assortment of colored izod shirts? When you go out, do you still cuff your pants, as many of us did back in the 1980’s?

Let’s go back in time a bit. Now, weren’t you part of a ‘cultural fad’ at some point, wearing what seemed cool and in fashionable at the time and now seems a bit weird? But the real truth is would we really still wear this now?

How about learning the history of something that used to be cool?

Did you ever wonder when and where the Lava Lamp was invented or what years the Mullet style was in fashion? Did you think about when the Cassette tapes were popular, and then lost interest or it’s market due to the cd?

“It Used To Be Cool” is the place to remember, smile and share ideas on styles, fashion, cars, games, toys and everything that used to be cool, going as far back as the 1970’s … and may be again one day!

If you’re embarrassed about an old style or just want to discuss your likes or dislikes, this unique online community, may be the only one out there where you can share these ideas. Whether you’re interested in a laugh or just learning the history of something.

This site is one to share with others and learn interesting fun facts and history on  things that were once in style. I welcome your comments and ideas on making this site a fun and interactive experience for everyone.

I will be updating the site often, so please come back and visit in the upcoming weeks … Thank You and See You Soon!