Did you have a Lava lamp, infused with psychedelic colors, bubbling to he surface.

The 1970’s were infused with earth tones that dominate this era. Beige, rust, avocado, harvest gold, mustard yellow, earthy brown play together in patterns and solids. Materials of the 1970’s included glitzy velvet and glamour of polyester.


Bean Bags, originally called ‘Sacco’ bags, an Italian invention in ’69, was the first chair to adjust to the person sitting in it, as it could be molded to an individual body shape. Waterbeds took off in popularity throughout the 1970’s, as the Bed of the Sexual Revolution. Eventually their decline came about do to their high maintenance costs.

Leather Couches, Shag-pile carpets, gaudy lampshades, the 70′s furniture made use of many materials. In these pieces popular colors used consisted of brown, purple, orange, and yellow (sometimes all in the same piece of fabric). Another major aspect of 1970s furniture is the use of teak wood in fashionable furniture and paneling.

TV with knob and antenna – Remember always having to get up to turn the knob ‘click’… ’click’… ’click’… You get frustrated as none of the shows come in, as you start moving the antenna around. A show comes in and as soon as you sit back down … Oh no, static again! You get back up again. This time you break out some aluminum foil and cover the antenna.

What about Lava Lamps? The carbon tetrachloride inside is poisonous, and can present a danger to pets and small children who could accidentally ingest the lava lamp contents upon breaking/spilling the lamp). Tab soda, a Coca-Cola product, was created in 1963, and was fairly popular throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

Correct! Wrong!