Electric neon colors anyone?

A decade who’s color explosion showed it’s way in bright neon colors through clothes and hairstyle.

Clothes and Styles

Preppy clothes (izod shirt, collar up, sweater tied around neck). Parachute pants, were a breakdancing style that became more mainstream from the pop musical icon MC Hammer of the mid 1980’s. Leg Warmers (Flashdance or Jane Fonda’s workout). Cuffed Pants, was the technique of folding over one side and rolling up the leg, which worked best with jeans. Overalls/Suspenders became a huge phenomenon in the early ’80’s from bands like Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Ripped Jeans started in the punk days of the’70’s and became high fashion by the mid ’80s. Ruffled Shirts was part of the music ‘New Wave/New Romantic’ scene of the early ’80s and became mainstream in the mid ’80’s. Large oversized sweaters became fashionable in the early to mid ’80’s from sensual women in music and movies, most notably Madonna and movies like Flashdance. Oh and don’t forget the Acidwash clothing.

“Say ‘hello’ to my little friend!”

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